Monday, January 9, 2017

CAN Test Series 2016-17 Graphics Set Patch for Cricket 07

Posted By : A2 Studios | Release Date : January 09, 2017 | Series :
Enjoy the ultimate test format with CAN Series 2016-17 Graphics Set Patch for EA Sports Cricket 07. Download here CAN Series 2016-17 Graphics Set for EA Sports Cricket 07 now. The CAN Series 2016-17 Patch Pitchad and Stumps are made for CAN Test Series played in Australia. The high quality CAN Series 2016-17 Patch sponsor Set for Cricket 07 is a must download! Credits to @AddyKhowaja for creating this quality piece of work. Just Extract the Downloaded RAR files to your Cricket 07 Root Directory using WinRAR to enjoy!
Download Link and Preview given below:

Download CAN Series 2016-17 Set

Download here: CAN Series 2016-17 SET
Download here: CAN Series PINK SET (McGrath Foundation)

How to install this Set?

After downloading the RAR File, use winRar or 7zip software to extract .fsh and .o files to your EA Sports Cricket 07 Root Directory (The Folder which has Cricket07.exe launcher). Done!

CAN Series 2016-17 Set Previews