Friday, September 5, 2014

A2 Studios Oppo Champions League 2014 Patch EA Cricket 07 (Art Work)

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A2 Studios Oppo Champions League 2014 Patch for Cricket 07.

Work Started! Well we are also providing our fans with this patch. But so far name is not decided for this patch. But we believe that as usuall we will provide our fans with the patch consisting of these features:

  • All HD Kits

  • Accurately Modeled Stadiums

  • Super HQ Overlay and Pause Menu Set

  • Players with unique faces

  • Players integrated with the bats, which they own

  • Charming Menu

  • Full, complete Rosters

  • Standing Pitch Ads

  • LED Stumps

Well these are the earlier news from, as officially every thing will be provided by Addy, where as later there might be more things or some not. But Still A2 Studios will provide best works!


Something About Artwork:

This art piece is designed by Muzammil Ahmed (Cricket Star); the official A2 Studios Member.

So far no name/ logo for patch decided, but i know that Clt-20 2014 logo shorts on search engine. But i made this fully from Scratch via photoshop. So Addy is it good? This is charming and captures the eyes of all visitors. Download this wally and set as wallpaper for interesting welcome of this event




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