Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cricket Sri Lanka 2014 HD KitBag Patch For Cricket 07 Released!

Posted By : A2 Studios | Release Date : August 20, 2014 | Series :
Cricket Sri Lanka Kit Bag Released for Fans of Srilanka, no, its also for the fans of Pakistan who are delightful to see and enjoy the upcoming series, and surely they would also like to play with this kit bag! And for those who wants an updated kit bag for Sri Lanka! So, so, so, A2 Studios is once again Brialliant, providing you the full HD and Mostly Scratch Made kit!

Kit Contents

Sri Lanka ODI Kit 2014 (Jersey)
Kookaburra Batting Gear
Kookaburra Keeping Gear
Masuri Helmet
Mas Cap and Hat
Updated Glasses

Download Cricket Sri Lanka 2014 HD KitBag Here