Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pakistan Boundary Music Patch for Cricket 07 Free Download

Posted By : A2 Studios | Release Date : May 25, 2014 | Series :
A2 Studios presents Pakistan Boundary music patch for Cricket 07. Download Free Boundary Music Patch Pakistani Songs for EA Sports Cricket 07 by A2 Studios. The Boundary music patch plays electrifying sports related Pakistani songs after every six hit or four smashed or wicket taken! This is something new and unique and makes the game more enjoyable. The songs included in the Boundary music Patch are listed below. Download links are also provided.

Boundary Music Patch Contains

  • Hai Koi Hum Jaisa  [Strings]
  • Badal do Zamana  [Call the Band]
  • Dil Dil Pakistan  [Junaid Jamshed]
  • Jazba Junoon  [Junoon Group]
This new Boundary music patch goes well with A2 Studios Faysal Bank T20 Patch & ICC World t20 2014 Patch, So its upto you if you want to use this music patch with mentioned FBT20 Patch.

Install Pakistan Boundary Music Patch:

Just extract the content in your Cricket 07 Root Directory. Done! (Don't put files in Audio folder)

Download Pakistan Boundary Music Patch:

Download Boundary Music Patch HERE
pakistan boundary music patch